Sujin Lee

Re-Conversation(s) [sic]
HD Video, B&W, Sound

Re-Conversation(s) [sic] is a single channel video, featuring a conversation in English and Korean. There are two speakers: Sujin Lee and Jiwon Yu. Yu works as a translator and an interpreter. They talk about their own relationships with the languages they speak and write. One of the topics that keeps coming up in their conversation is how one chooses a language to speak and write. Each section of the conversation is punctuated by Re, the musical note. The conversation (text) is presented in various ways: spoken, transcribed, translated, reenacted, edited, or "unedited." The text(s) is controlled and also improvised, blurring the line between spoken text and written text. Spoken text and written text are intimately connected, but they are never identical to each other.

Installation view from the exhibition The Distance between Words at Cake Gallery, 2016
Photo documentation and table by Seung Hyun Baek
Chairs by KJ Arcade created for Cake Gallery, 2014

© Sujin Lee