Sujin Lee

Enunciated: Vowel Shortening, Consonant Deletion/Insertion (In the end, it cannot look like ending)
Live performance with a laptop, video projection and audio
approx. 17 minutes

*Below is from the program notes for the performance in 2006 (partly edited).

The piece is titled after some of the phonological changes that occur when I speak English (compared to the speech of a “native” American English speaker).  I have a conversation with Vicki, a voice persona that comes with my Macintosh laptop.  The Mac’s voice persona feature reads texts typed on the screen to the user.  According to Mac’s description, Vicki is a 35-year old female who speaks North American English.  When Vicki reads letters that appear in the projection (from the computer screen), the sound that she makes is quite different from what one would expect from a “native” English speaker – especially when she reads fragmented text.  Vicki tries to convince me to take an accent reduction class and we have a fragmented conversation.

© Sujin Lee