Sujin Lee

A Sight No Tongue Can Describe
HD Video, B&W, Silent

There are two voices in text. These two voices describe each other or themselves and talk about other voices that only they can hear or remember. The voices become one, two, and more. This is a "free translation" of a text piece with the same English title A Sight No Tongue Can Describe (2018) that the artist wrote for a live reading with two voices. The piece was supposed to be published in a book in the US and then performed live for an audience that is in a room that is either completely dark or white and empty. However, the publication and the reading performance have never been realized until now; therefore, this text piece was never read aloud. The artist wanted to provide this text that was never converted into sound with a "voice(s)" by placing the text in time and turning it into text-images.

Installation view from the exhibition Language Is Treacherous 언어는 배신하지 않는다 at Wumin Art Center, 2019. (The exhibition was sponsored by the Wumin Foundation.)
Photography by Seung Hyun Baek

A Sight No Tongue Can Describe (3 minute excerpt) from Sujin Lee on Vimeo.

© Sujin Lee