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(Documentation photos: Chris Mosier)

Performed at Sara D. Roosevelt Park, part of 40º Phi: Live Art in the Parks Series

I write on the concrete ground of the park with a white chalk, using the phonetic symbols in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.  Copies of a phonetic symbol table are available for the audience’s reference.  When the audience reads the text that I write, he/she performs the act of translating written text to spoken text through the rules of pronunciation which may not be familiar to him/her (i.e. phonetic symbols). Therefore, his/her reading becomes not very fluent.

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My Mother Said, "I would like you to draw."
Performed at Riverside Park South, part of 40º Phi: Live Art in the Parks Series

I trace shadows in Riverside Park South from 12 to 5pm.

(Documentation photo: Ryu Kodama)

Performed at Midnight Art Series #2: Performance
Twenty eight to provoke and zero to punish, one for each step -total 29 steps

The Voice Who Outlived The Image: Excerpts in Progress
Performed at Movement Research at The Judson Churcn, New York, NY

She has conversations with a voice recorder on stage.  The voice from the recorder used to be a TV persona, but now only the voice has survived. They have a conflicting relationship but they both seem to agree on the fragility of human communications by discussing giant squid’s arms (or legs), voices in reading written text, and the lack of suitable expressions for tragedy.

Enunciated: Vowel Shortening, Consonant Deletion/Insertion (In the end, it cannot look like ending)
Performed at Brooklny Arts Exchange, Brooklyn, NY

The piece is titled after some of the phonological changes that occur when I speak in English (compared to the speech of a native American English speaker).  I have conversations with Vicki, a voice persona that comes with my Macintosh laptop.  The Mac’s voice persona feature reads texts typed on the screen to the user.  According to Mac’s description, Vicki is a 35-year old female who speaks North American English.  When Vicki reads letters that appear in the projection, the sound that she makes is quite different from what one would expect from a regular English speaker – especially when she reads fragmented text.  The piece was born out of a question: Does living in the United States for the past eight years give me the right to speak and write in English?  A period of time often gives an individual certain status, rights and names (e.g. titles).  The unspoken "rules" of duration –that may or may not allow me to be "enunciated" and "articulated" by certain names – give me both comfort and fear

S/P/O/R/TS/ G/R/A/P/H/I-C/ NUM/B/E/R/ 2/7/5/
Performed at 3C Cafe and Dixon Place, New York, NY

I converse, imagine, reflect and struggle with the voices from the tape recorder - the voices tell things that I had not spoken in my past. With the tape recorder, I go back and hear and say those things, simultaneously bringing the past into the present in order to speak those things in my own time.

©2002-2009 Sujin Lee